Researchers at Michigan State University are studying the brain body connection in animals like the octopus, and that research could be used to help develop better prosthetic technology.

Dr Galit Pelled is the director of the Neuroengineering Division at MSU’s Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering and spoke with WKAR’s Mary Ellen Pitney about her research.

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The Neuroscience Scholars Program (NSP) will welcome its 2020-2022 cohort on August 1, 2020. With the addition of 123 scholars who accepted, the total current cohort (including 2019-2021) now encompasses 215 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Combined with Program’s past scholars (dating back to 1981), the NSP alumni network now encompasses nearly 1,200 underrepresented neuroscience researchers at all career stages!

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Funded by the NINDS for nearly 40 years, the NSP is a 2-year online training program open to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are underrepresented in the field of neuroscience. All eligible candidates are invited to participate in online events as Associates. Eighteen top candidates are selected each year to participate as Fellows and receive additional benefits such as professional development funds, a mentoring team, and travel stipends to attend SfN annual meetings.

Galit Pelled, a professor of biomedical engineering, radiology, and neuroscience, is a leader in neuro-engineering and a champion in promoting diversity and inclusion.

During her short time at MSU, she has made significant contributions to promoting an environment of excellence and inclusion and dedicating herself to building inclusive communities.

She is the leader and principal investigator of the MSU Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant Award, designed to build comprehensive and synergistic leadership programs in the college for women. She also works with the Academic Advancement Network to lead women’s leadership opportunities for faculty. She directs a diverse lab with 12 students, representing underrepresented and disabled groups.

Withrow Exceptional Service Award
This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional institutional, public, and community service. Nominations are submitted by department chairpersons to the dean and associate deans for final selection.

The award is to fund the Pelled Labs study of circuit dynamics of sensorimotor integration and decision making in octopus

Congratulations for Ryan Hunt for receiving the Physiology Senior Research Award from the MSU Physiology Department.

Pelled Lab featured in MSU Today for their research on octopuses. Read the article here:

Congratulation to Vijai for acceptance of his paper “High-resolution MEMRI characterizes laminar specific ascending and descending spinal cord pathways in rats” to Journal of Neuroscience Methods!

PerkinElmer (PE)-IQ Postdoctoral Fellowships ($90,000) – Awarded based on scientific excellence, impact, academic strengths of the applicant and potential for future contributions to scientific discovery.

Check out our July 2018 publication (Shin et al) where we combined transcranial magnetic stimulation with exposure to enriched environments after traumatic brain injury.

Our lab recently published a paper describing a novel methodology for non-invasive neurostimulation.

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Ryan, our new undergraduate, has been selected to receive a Larry D. Fowler Endowment Undergraduate Research Stipend for summer 2018!

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Carolina received the AAGA academic achievement graduate assistantship!
Congratulations, Carolina!

Our work was featured in a press conference at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) in San Diego!